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NickB's introduction

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Hi guys,

As we have been online for 1 month now, I thought it was time to introducte myself a little more.

My name is Nick, I'm 22 years old and live on a farm in a small village in The Netherlands. Like my rank on discord says, I'm a developer. Since I was 13 years old I have been interested in IT, the way websites and applications work.

Currently I've got my associate's degree at Application development (mostly creating websites), and right now i'm getting my Bachelor's degree in Software Development.

I have two accounts ingame, Nickb (main) and Nbgamekiller. if you want to play a minigame or kill a boss, just hit me up!

Spare time
In my spare time I still love to continue on my education, to improve myself in IT and social skills. That's a main reason I wanted to help Decipher with Neitzen.
Beside that I love to player soccer and spending times with my friends.

I can't wait to continue this adventure with all of you! You make Neitzen great!




PS. Anything you want to know? just message me ingame or on Discord!

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So glad to have met you, always putting in effort, going 100% for it and never giving up and always looking for a solution♡

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