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VPS Changes

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Vps Changes

So as you guys know i have been wanting to move to a new VPS that handles more power and protection and so the day has come over the next few days we will start the transition to the new VPS which means a new client but a smoother gaming experience for everyone at Neitzen.

Neitzen Plans

I want to write a little about our plans and goals for the next few weeks, our top priority is obviously perform the VPS move, to which we want to start handing out a launcher so we don't need anyone to download new clients after each update, the launcher will just automatically download the new client on release. But apart from our main priorities are to fix bugs and performance issues at this stage, a smoother & less buggy experience is better than releasing content on top of a turd essentially lol. No doubt in the near future we have lots of content in store including new bosses and re written boss combat scripts so be sure to be hyped for that as always much love to the support and commitment from every player at Neitzen. 


One more thing i would like to address is advertisement, As you guys probably seen we have a very strong community so far 30-40 Players at peak time on a weekend which is awesome! from today i will be starting major advertisement priorities so be sure to see welcome the new faces and invite them to the community with open arms.


For the forums i will also be putting some time aside for this i would love to keep an active forums, showing box loots PVM guides and much more. If you haven't already made a forums account nor Introduction be sure to do one make some new friends around Netizen

Staff Changes

I would first like to say i'm sorry for some of the horrible staff making decisions lol. But at the moment our team is super solid and i believe it will do well. For now the staff team is more than enough but that doesn't mean i won't be on the look out for active supporters and helpers within the community so if your interested in being a staff member for Netizen be sure to help out.


- Thanks Deci


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