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Neitzen-Os Server Rules


1. Flaming / Harassment / Inappropriate Behaviour 

• The use of inappropriate and offensive language towards anyone's race, belief system, ethics, mental health or sexual orientation is 100% not tolerated. We expect our members to be respectful to each other. 

•  Account names containing the above will result in a permanent ban of the account. 

• Harassment and flaming will be defined as anything that can be considered targeted to a person or a group. This rule is enforced at the Staff members discretion.


2. Advertising / Discussion of other servers

• Ordinary and widely spread links such as Youtube, Google and Twitter and other social media platforms are permitted.

• Discussing any other active server in-game or on the forums is highly prohibited and will result in a 24 hour mute, 48 hour mute and then a ban if it happens a 3rd time. 

• Discussing previous Runescape Private Servers that are NO LONGER active is PERMITTED.

• Any player that logs in and deliberately chooses to spam as soon as possible in order to advertise another server will be IP-Muted with no chance of removal.


3. Spamming / Chat Flooding

• Just because you donated and have a lesser cool-down timer for ::yell doesn't mean you can abuse it, if abused the privilege may be removed entirely from the user.

• Auto typers are allowed, but must be set at least at 15 second intervals.

• Excessive begging or spamming for 'free stuff' from other players can result in a one hour mute.


4. Phishing Links, Hacking and Threats

• Threatening to attack Neiten or to charge back a donation could potentially result in a mute or a ban depending on the severity and the actions taken by the offender.

• Threatening to hack or DDoS a member of the community whether you are joking or not will result in a immediate removal from the community. 


5. Punishment (Ban/Mute) Evasion

•  Avoiding a ban or mute by logging into a new account and using it as a means for communication for your (muted/banned) account will be considered evasion and will result in a warning and then double the initial length of the mute/ban. 

• Bans and mutes are only given to further better the community and we will allow every player to state their case. This doesn't mean log onto a new account in-game and complain, we suggest posting a appeal on the forums to avoid any further punishment. 


6. Real World Trading 

• The act of selling any other goods or services for any Neitzen items/accounts or data is highly prohibited and could result in the removal of the Netizen items/accounts/data involved . 

• By donating for another member you are putting the donation in there name therefore they will have full rights to the donation if anything goes wrong with ::claim . 


7. Account Sharing

• Any attempt to give any account away will not be tolerated and will result in the banning of said account. 

• Neitzen is not responsible for any 'hackings' or 'item thefts' if you allow for another person to access your account. Neitzen does not recommend account sharing and by sharing an Neitzen account you are putting yourself at risk and taking full responsibility for any consequences.


8. Botting / Use of Macros ( auto-clickers )

• The use of botting scripts or any client modification is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught doing this will receive a 7 day ban and then a permanent ban if caught again. Depending on the severity of the botting (ex. bot farm) there could be a IP/UUID/MAC ban issued to the offender. 

• The use of macro scripts (except auto type see spamming) such as auto clickers and other applications alike are prohibited and could result in the player being jailed or banned depending on the severity.


9. Multi-Logging

• Playing on multiple accounts in order to skill, boss, raid, etc is allowed up to 4 accounts at once. 

• Multi logging is allowed only in the wilderness if you don't have any interaction between your accounts.

• Players are allowed to have as many accounts if as they wish, but if a player makes a excessive amount of accounts in order to spam or flood then disciplinary action will be determined by an Administrator.  


10. Encouraging Others to break Rules

• Any encouragement to others to break Neitzen rules will result in a 1-3 hour mute. If the issue persists the user could be muted up to 24-48 hours and eventually IP Muted if not stopped.


11. Bug Abuse

• Any abuse of a bug or glitch that allows for a member to somehow have an unfair advantage over other players will not be tolerated. Failure to report these bugs and abusing them could result in you being permanently banned from Neitzen.

• The usage of safe spots not on OSRS is prohibited and can result in jail time.


12. Staff Impersonation

• Impersonating a Neitzen staff member is strictly prohibited. Impersonation will be determined by the staff and will be punished accordingly. 


13. World Yell

• Luring any member over the world yell is prohibited and result in the removal of the offenders yell abilities.

• AFK yelling is only allowed if it is set at 10 minute + Intervals!

• Because Neitzen is based out of the United States, only English will be allowed to be spoken using world ::yell.


14. Player vs Player (PvP)

• PvP-Farming will be an automatic ban on all accounts involved. 

• X-Logging in the wilderness that includes PvP interaction between two or more of your accounts will result in a 24 hour ban. 


15. Invasion / Advertising on Other Communities

Invading and advertising Neitzen on other servers is not tolerated and can result in a 24 hour ban. Please note, telling your friend on another game or server privately about Neitzen is not breaking this rule!


16. Donations & Store

• Anyone who charges back or disputes a store payment will have their account immediately terminated and will be banned permanently from Neitzen. 

• Donations can only be refunded if the player has not been given the items and the donations has not been claimed. 

• Glitch refunds will only be refunded if the buyer has enough proof to prove. 

• Donations made for other plays are 100% non-refundable. 

• Any threatening to dispute or charge back a donation or store payment will result in a 24-48 mute. 2nd and 3rd offences will vary in bans and potentially be permanent depending on the severity of the situation. 


Terms of Service Agreement

By being on the Neitzen website, discord or game server, you understand that you are completely responsible for your actions on here. You understand and agree to follow the rules stated above that will be enforced at all times. Administrators  have the right to alter any of the above statements where they see fit. We have the right to do what we want with your account, but we can assure that all personal information will be kept secure and will not be shared ANYWHERE. Passwords and other valuable information are encrypted for the safety of our users. Furthermore, by downloading and playing Neitzen you agree to our Terms of Service and Rules stated above and that if a rule is broken it will be dealt accordingly and as fairly as possible. 

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