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Uncle Ben

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Name: Benjamin Stangenfjord

In Game Username: Ben (With the titel it's Uncle Ben)
Discord Username: Uncle Ben#7799

Age: 23

Country & Timezone (include GMT):  EEST (GMT+3)

Average time played per day: 7-12 hours.

What days are you available to play: Monday-Sunday

What are the top 3 qualities you have, that a staff member should have: Patient, Respect & Understanding.

Have you ever been Banned / Jailed / Muted: No.
If Yes, which punishment, how long, and why: ------

If you receive a rank, would you devote countless hours of free time to play: Yes, I'd devote the same amount of hours as I already do, If not more.

Tell us about yourself: A young 23 year old dude that loves Football(soccer for you Americans 😉 ) , UFC, and having some great time with my close friend and girlfriend. Very easy to get along with and is always down to have a laugh or to troll around.

If you were a Helper / Server Support:

What would you if someone was spamming: Give the person warnings and a reason on why not to continue, if the person don't listen. I'd report it to a higher staff member.

What would you do if someone was using offensive language: Same as the spamming section, I'd let the user know in first hand that offensive language is not acceptable.
If that user dont listen, I'd first reach out to a higher staff member and make sure that what action I'm about to take is the correct one.

What would you do if someone was flaming another player: I'd give the player a mutual warning in the first place, and if that don't work, I'd have a talk with the player and try to understand why he/she is flaming that other player.
And from there I'd make an action.

What would you do if someone was flaming a staff member: I'd take the affected staff member and the player that is flaming to the side and let them figure out what the problem is.
If the player that is currently flaming the staff member don't co-operate then I think that me and that staff member will talk about what action to take.

What would you do if someone was posting rude comments on forums: Give them a warning and tell them to calm down and talk to them private regarding why they're acting the way they are, and get an understanding why. 
Then try to solve the issue that they have.

What would you do if someone was posting rude comments in discord: I'll talk to them privately to get an understanding on why they're acting the way they are.
And then compromise with the user to make sure that the player feels safe and that he/she still sticks around.

Best Regards,

Yours truly, 

Uncle Ben

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