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  1. Decipher

    24/04/2020 Raids Reworks.

    Chambers of Xeric & Theatre Of Blood - Received alot of attention and was balanced, pretty much buffed so that people who gets points have a fair chance to receive an item. Slayer boots now work as boots of stone inside Karuumm Dungeon Fixed Avernic Hilt & Gem of dwarves "Missing global annoucements"
  2. Decipher

    24/04/2020 Droptable Reworks

    Entire Drop Table rewrite - Should now display correct percentages Can now craft ferocious gloves via hydra leather Justiciar Sheild nerfed from +14 str to +2 Arma Minions now count as avansie tasks. Vorkath added to class of undead. Npc Killcount is now viewable view the magnifying tab
  3. Decipher


    Onyx + Can now Reset Slayer Tasks for free Gauntlet Staff is now fully functioning Gauntlet Potions now are use-able after the first dose. Updated ::Commands with more of the latest commands we have added. DHCB and Dragon Hunter Lance has an additional +20% Damage Accuracy and Damage against Dragons. Added an emblem trader to the Rev Caves Added Boots of brimstone When you attach Boots of stone + Drakes Claw Fixed a bug with marks of grace disappearing on death Zamorak God-wars entrance glitching out, added a more permanent solution till we can figure out what causes that Removed The zamorak hilt appearing two times on the krils Boss Added Stats to Justiciar Gloves & Boots Made the Wogw into a one dialogue as it was requested alot Using a scroll on someone will no longer take from your donator rank Missing Definitions aka stuff that says missing - Fixed Dialogue On Hunter Genie Fixed all Boosters Fixed Star Sprite Dialogue Anymore "Missing please report lets get rid of them" Example -
  4. Decipher


    Slayer Set - Boots, Platelegs, Platebody now grant 15% damage on slayer task in all combat styles. Leaf Bladed Battleaxe - Now has stats accurate to osrs Sanguinesti Staff now has a healing effect + Charges correctly Item Price changes - Ghrazi Rapier 300mil Ring of fortune - 250mil Dwarves Ring - 400mil Crystal keys are now stackable Wyrm & Drake are now off the wilderness slayer npc assigning. Elite void now has stats to wield - 42 ATK/STR/DEF/HP/RANGE/MAGE & 22 PRAYER Sara/Guthix/Zamorak Max cape - Droprate from 13% - 7% WOGW - Fix for when you over fill it, this will now turn back on when the cycle is over. You can now use defensive magic spells to grant defence xp and magic xp. You can now trade in XP lamps for hunter lamps at the Hunter teleport genie. You can now make the vorkath slayer helmet with the vorkath head being used upon a slayer helmet. ::cox teleports you to chambers of xeric ::tob teleports you to the theatre of blood When opening stargaze box you have a chance to receive the star sprite pet. Chaos altar fallen star has now had its location changed.
  5. Gauntlet A timer has been placed showing how long left you have to prep Spike, Orb, Bow string Will now drop 1 in 1 from the correct monsters rather than 1 in 5. Younglef will no longer take your prayer off. Competition First one to get a Very Rare or Rare will get a unique cape - The gauntlet cape send the drop to Decipher on discord to claim reward Hydra lightning has received a significant Nerf. Sanguinesti staff attacking player in wildy fix Wogw bug when something was filled about the top. Viggora, Craw's Bow Sceptre received buffs
  6. Decipher

    Trouble Shooting Problems

    A. Why is my client going grey on load up? Steps 1. Update your java to the latest. Step 2. Run make sure to run as administrator when you have downloaded. Step 3. Load client should be fine. If the problem isn't gone please contact a developer or me personally on discord for a fast response.
  7. Decipher

    NickB's introduction

    Nick is always bae glad to have you here homie
  8. Decipher

    Staff List

  9. Decipher

    21/03/2020 Hotfix

    Raids will now take your damage in effect when finishing the raids for the reward Infernal + row i now stack drop-rates Vorkath head will now drop every 50 kills - Server and client performance optimisations 23:14 Statius War-hammer now Has a Spec Fixed Major Exploit - thanks to tk reporting it Donator pets will now give drop rate ( more higher the higher tier rank you have )
  10. Decipher

    Update 19/03/2020

    Updates You buy a key to test your luck via the vote shop and buy a key, each key will cost 6 votes each. Updated Leaf Bladed battle Axe animations and is added as a drop from kurasks Donator Pets - you can now loot a pet based on your donator rank Chaos Elder Druids are now located in the chaos altar Neitzen Faceguard is now available from Event bosses - Rare reward from wilderness boss event boss Very rare from non wilderness event bosses QoL When receiving a drop at raids if will now show the raid count over global messages. Rogue Set gives you the change to receive double loot while thieving. XP boosters will now save on logout and show an in game timer. Theatre of Blood Lobby timer increased from 15 -> 30 Raids 1 rewards will now be based on total damage. Sanguinesti staff has a value of 400mil & only takes 3 blood runes per cast. Manhole at home now takes you to the edge-village Dungeon Exlir And Spirit Shield have now received a buff from corporeal beast The pottery at home now allows you to create bracelets. Bugs Maxing and then prestige in a skill allowed you to received loyalty points on re-maxing has now been patched Tons of map fixes at home to better the experience of the player server side & Client Side. Sanguinesti staff now saves charges stored inside the staff on log out. Rooftop Seers course is now fully working. Diagonal Safe spotting is now patched on Fixed a huge amount of incorrect global drops dropping the wrong item. Using the KBD lever will now take you back to the Wilderness pit with the spiders. Purple Slayer helmet now gives the correct stats.
  11. Decipher

    Masterwolf Intro

    Welcome man glad to have you apart of us 🙂
  12. Decipher

    official price guidelines

    Awesome stuff will be awesome for new players!
  13. Decipher

    Decipher - intro

    always 🙂
  14. Decipher

    Fuge/Gim 3 Staff app

    Good Staff Application always a pleasure to talk to wish you the best of luck