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  1. dennis

    NickB's introduction

    So glad to have met you, always putting in effort, going 100% for it and never giving up and always looking for a solution♡
  2. dennis

    Update 29/03/2020

    i love you!
  3. dennis

    Decipher - intro

    glad i stumbled upon DK a few days before it closed, otherwise i prolly wouldn't be here! thank you for all your time and effort!
  4. dennis

    Masterwolf Intro

    welcome mate and glad to have you here!
  5. dennis

    Donation Perks

    you can always suggest some more 🙂
  6. dennis

    VPS Changes

    we do not have a set date for this yet, as far as i know
  7. dennis

    official price guidelines

    skilling supplies : woodcutting : logs - 5k ea oak - 10k ea yellow - 15k ea maple - 20k ea yew - 25k ea magic - 30k ea mining : tin/copper - 5k ea iron - 10k ea coal - 25k ea mith - 25k ea addy - 35k ea rune - 50k ea smithing : bronze bar - 10k ea iron bar - 20k ea steel - 50k ea mith - 75k ea addy - 100k ea rune - 150k ea fishing : raw monk - 25k ea raw shark - 50k ea raw dark crab/ manta ray - 75k ea raw angler - 100k ea cooked - dark crab/ manta ray - 65k ea cooked angler - 75k ea prayer : babydragon bones - 25k ea d bones - 50k ea lava d bones - 100k ea supreme - 150k ea Combat supplies : zulrah scales - 5k ea overload - 200k ea dragon darts/arrows - 10k ea super combat - 100k ea chinchompa - 25k ea red chinchompa - 50k ea black chinchompa - 100k ea barrows : every barrows items will go for 10m ea - very common slayer and gear: black mask - 25m d boots - 10m whip - 10m dark bow - 15m fury - 10m Combat rings - 25m Combat rings (i) - 40-50m Bandos chest - 100m bandos tass - 100m bandos boots - 35-50m armadyl chest - 100m armadyl skirt - 100m armadyl helm - 50-75m eternal boots - 225m primordials boots - 225m pegs boots - 325m ranger boots - 100-150m serp helm - 175m tenz serp / magma serp helm - 300m armadyl godsword - 600pkp bandos godsword - 350pkp saradomin godsword - 350pkp zamorak godsword - 350pkp blowpipe - 500 pkp ballista - 500pkp abyssal bludgeon - 550pkp dragon warhammer - 750pkp wards - 450pkp dragon hunter crossbow - 750pkp each pkp = 250k gp pvp armours: zuriel helm - 125m zuriel body - 150m zuriel robe - 150m morrigan helm - 125m morrigan body - 150m morrigan robe - 150m statius helm - 150m statius body - 175m statius legs - 175m statius warhammer - 200m vesta body - 200m vesta legs - 200m vesta longsword - 250m vesta spear - 225m misc items: zenyte gems - 300-400m abby dagger - 75m elder maul - 300m zammy spear - 100m dragon fireshield - 75-100m dragon fireshield enchanted - 250-300m blood whip - 300m staff of light 100-125m trident of the seas - 80-100m toxic trident - 350-400m dragon claws - 500m thammaron's spectre - 350m viggora's - 500-600m craw's bow - 600-650m burning shard - 500m toxic shard - 600m blue flame shard - 700m smouldering stone - 100m spirit shields : blessed spirit shield - 50m-75m spectral / arcane - 1b elysian - 1.5b divine - 2b raid items : kodai wand - 800m dinh's bulwark - 300-400m twisted buckler - 300-400m ancestral hat - 500m ancestral body- 750m ancestral robe - 750m krils hat - 500m krils body - 750m krils robe - 750m Chaotic's : chaotic longsword / staff - 250-300m rapier / maul - 350-400m ccb - 450m For questions; pm Tk, Inspectah, Strel or Dennis ingame
  8. dennis

    13/03/2020 Shop Updates

    good additions!
  9. dennis

    06/03/2020 Bug Fixes, Star Location.

    looking good mate!
  10. dennis

    27/02/2020 Update

    When inviting a player to your group we removed the cap off inviting someone. You can now invite anyone at any total level assuming they aren't already in a group. Does that mean that your group can hold as many players as you want?
  11. dennis

    Raid Mystery Box

    Could you explain what exactly is the buff and what is buffed?
  12. dennis

    X Promotion To Server Moderator

    Congratulations mate, well deserved!
  13. dennis

    Staff update

    Thatkid so good he gets staff twice 😘
  14. dennis

    24/02/2020 Update

    glad the ranged bug/glitch got fiex, thanks for your hard work mate