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  2. Name: Benjamin Stangenfjord In Game Username: Ben (With the titel it's Uncle Ben) Discord Username: Uncle Ben#7799 Age: 23 Country & Timezone (include GMT): EEST (GMT+3) Average time played per day: 7-12 hours. What days are you available to play: Monday-Sunday What are the top 3 qualities you have, that a staff member should have: Patient, Respect & Understanding. Have you ever been Banned / Jailed / Muted: No. If Yes, which punishment, how long, and why: ------ If you receive a rank, would you devote countless hours of free time to play: Yes, I'd devote the same amount of hours as I already do, If not more. Tell us about yourself: A young 23 year old dude that loves Football(soccer for you Americans 😉 ) , UFC, and having some great time with my close friend and girlfriend. Very easy to get along with and is always down to have a laugh or to troll around. If you were a Helper / Server Support: What would you if someone was spamming: Give the person warnings and a reason on why not to continue, if the person don't listen. I'd report it to a higher staff member. What would you do if someone was using offensive language: Same as the spamming section, I'd let the user know in first hand that offensive language is not acceptable. If that user dont listen, I'd first reach out to a higher staff member and make sure that what action I'm about to take is the correct one. What would you do if someone was flaming another player: I'd give the player a mutual warning in the first place, and if that don't work, I'd have a talk with the player and try to understand why he/she is flaming that other player. And from there I'd make an action. What would you do if someone was flaming a staff member: I'd take the affected staff member and the player that is flaming to the side and let them figure out what the problem is. If the player that is currently flaming the staff member don't co-operate then I think that me and that staff member will talk about what action to take. What would you do if someone was posting rude comments on forums: Give them a warning and tell them to calm down and talk to them private regarding why they're acting the way they are, and get an understanding why. Then try to solve the issue that they have. What would you do if someone was posting rude comments in discord: I'll talk to them privately to get an understanding on why they're acting the way they are. And then compromise with the user to make sure that the player feels safe and that he/she still sticks around. Best Regards, Yours truly, Uncle Ben
  3. Oldrookie


    Is it possible to change grinding dragon scales so when you click one it does all in your inventory (like cutting gems) instead of needing to grind them 1 at a time ?
  4. Decipher

    24/04/2020 Raids Reworks.

    Chambers of Xeric & Theatre Of Blood - Received alot of attention and was balanced, pretty much buffed so that people who gets points have a fair chance to receive an item. Slayer boots now work as boots of stone inside Karuumm Dungeon Fixed Avernic Hilt & Gem of dwarves "Missing global annoucements"
  5. Decipher

    24/04/2020 Droptable Reworks

    Entire Drop Table rewrite - Should now display correct percentages Can now craft ferocious gloves via hydra leather Justiciar Sheild nerfed from +14 str to +2 Arma Minions now count as avansie tasks. Vorkath added to class of undead. Npc Killcount is now viewable view the magnifying tab
  6. Decipher


    Onyx + Can now Reset Slayer Tasks for free Gauntlet Staff is now fully functioning Gauntlet Potions now are use-able after the first dose. Updated ::Commands with more of the latest commands we have added. DHCB and Dragon Hunter Lance has an additional +20% Damage Accuracy and Damage against Dragons. Added an emblem trader to the Rev Caves Added Boots of brimstone When you attach Boots of stone + Drakes Claw Fixed a bug with marks of grace disappearing on death Zamorak God-wars entrance glitching out, added a more permanent solution till we can figure out what causes that Removed The zamorak hilt appearing two times on the krils Boss Added Stats to Justiciar Gloves & Boots Made the Wogw into a one dialogue as it was requested alot Using a scroll on someone will no longer take from your donator rank Missing Definitions aka stuff that says missing - Fixed Dialogue On Hunter Genie Fixed all Boosters Fixed Star Sprite Dialogue Anymore "Missing please report lets get rid of them" Example -
  7. iron peet

    Pest Control Store HCIM

    As elite HCIM I am not allowed to buy xp packages from the pc store. I don't know if it is an option to scale the xp rewards to my gamemode. However, the seed/herb/mineral packages are also blocked, would be nice if that could be unblocked, since it seems like it does no harm (thanks in advance) 😉
  8. NickB

    Update 03/04/2020

    Fix for slayer set (body, legs & boots). All slayer helms give the correct bonus on task The leveling guides are now removed of items we dont have in game Torva prices is now 200mil per piece Ultimate ironman can sell to the ironman shop Fixed an issue with certain max capes tradeable Removed a bunch of bosses we dont use off The npc droptable Tbow is now 75 range to wield
  9. Hope


    Great Update!
  10. Decipher


    Slayer Set - Boots, Platelegs, Platebody now grant 15% damage on slayer task in all combat styles. Leaf Bladed Battleaxe - Now has stats accurate to osrs Sanguinesti Staff now has a healing effect + Charges correctly Item Price changes - Ghrazi Rapier 300mil Ring of fortune - 250mil Dwarves Ring - 400mil Crystal keys are now stackable Wyrm & Drake are now off the wilderness slayer npc assigning. Elite void now has stats to wield - 42 ATK/STR/DEF/HP/RANGE/MAGE & 22 PRAYER Sara/Guthix/Zamorak Max cape - Droprate from 13% - 7% WOGW - Fix for when you over fill it, this will now turn back on when the cycle is over. You can now use defensive magic spells to grant defence xp and magic xp. You can now trade in XP lamps for hunter lamps at the Hunter teleport genie. You can now make the vorkath slayer helmet with the vorkath head being used upon a slayer helmet. ::cox teleports you to chambers of xeric ::tob teleports you to the theatre of blood When opening stargaze box you have a chance to receive the star sprite pet. Chaos altar fallen star has now had its location changed.
  11. Bailzbucket

    BailzBucket Staff App

    Name: Bailey IGN: Bailzbucket & GrampaGG but main is bailz Age: im 21 about to be 22 Play time: little over 4 days on main but with my other account it brings me up to 5 days in less than a month of me originally joining the server Forums Post: this will make my first post, but will be more active if needed Previous Staff Experience: hopefully this will be my first rsps server that im staff on, i have been staff on other games servers (ark, rust, and minecraft) i understand the ins and outs of being staff, i know what can and can't be done, what can and can't be said, how to react to situations by either handling it myself or informing higher staff. Why do i want to be staff: i find that me being as active as i am would be a great help to the newer, younger members (game time age), most days i play about 5 hours but somedays like today i played about 8-10 due to having a not busy day. i really enjoy this server and would love to see it grow and become something great, and i would love to be a part of its growing. i am very mature and a easy going guy so i think i would be a great fit for this server. Anything else: i have a lot of ideas that i think a lot of people would enjoy, i'm known around the community, i do not have any bad blood with anyone, i respect everyone, and even if i don't get accepted i will still love and support this server. hope to hear from you soon!
  12. Thatkid

    28/03/2020 Nerfs and nerfs also some buffs :)

    as well as the added slayer helms to slayer shop!
  13. Gauntlet A timer has been placed showing how long left you have to prep Spike, Orb, Bow string Will now drop 1 in 1 from the correct monsters rather than 1 in 5. Younglef will no longer take your prayer off. Competition First one to get a Very Rare or Rare will get a unique cape - The gauntlet cape send the drop to Decipher on discord to claim reward Hydra lightning has received a significant Nerf. Sanguinesti staff attacking player in wildy fix Wogw bug when something was filled about the top. Viggora, Craw's Bow Sceptre received buffs
  14. dennis

    NickB's introduction

    So glad to have met you, always putting in effort, going 100% for it and never giving up and always looking for a solution♡
  15. Thatkid

    Update 29/03/2020

    great stufffff
  16. dennis

    Update 29/03/2020

    i love you!
  17. NickB

    Update 29/03/2020

    This quick update includes the following fixes: Id info when eating food has been removed haspet command to check if a monster has a pet + droprate Nex set's will now heal you correctly, was a bug when using saradomin brew. Dailytask fixes Barrows Pest Control System counting Clue casket for the achievements are keeping track. Sanguinesti staff attacking player in wild (which shouldn't be possible). Well of goodwill bonus when a bonus has been filled over the top will now give the correct bonus. Occult Ornament kit now available in the Boss points shop
  18. Decipher

    Trouble Shooting Problems

    A. Why is my client going grey on load up? Steps 1. Update your java to the latest. Step 2. Run make sure to run as administrator when you have downloaded. Step 3. Load client should be fine. If the problem isn't gone please contact a developer or me personally on discord for a fast response.
  19. Decipher

    NickB's introduction

    Nick is always bae glad to have you here homie
  20. Decipher

    Staff List

  21. Miau, meow meow miau miau , meow ? Meow meow meow .... meow meow. meow : 21 meow: meow meow meow meow meow miau miau meoui meoui meow meow meow.
  22. Tommy

    NickB's introduction

    Lovely to learn some more about you - You are a great guy 🙂
  23. Meow

    NickB's introduction

    When i grow up i wanna be like you
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